Most of us work, many of us at jobs which we may find stressful. Research indicates that hitting the “reset” button helps us work better.

In my experience as an educator, pastor, retreat leader, focusing practitioner and spiritual guide, my work has been to companion those who are seeking: to create the space in which the deeper questions can be asked.  Often those questions revolve around change, identity, and vocation, or right action.  Helping you to discover your own brilliant and unique potential, discerning with you the why and why not, and witnessing your growth is my purpose, and my joy.



Leslie Mott, M. Div., RYT,  received her Masters from Princeton Theological Seminary and has served communities of faith as a teacher, chaplain, counselor, retreat leader, pastor and director.  She currently serves as part time Pastor of The Church of the Open Door, (The First Presbyterian Church of Philipstown) where she has served for 10 years.

As an Instructor at Living Yoga Studios, Leslie teaches four classes a week, Monday mornings at 9:30, Tuesday and Thursdays at 7am, and Thursday evenings at 7pm.  Leslie is also a Yoga teacher for the Veterans Administration at Castle Point, working both with employees and veterans.  She is affiliated with Yoga Across America, a non-profit that seeks to bring yoga to underserved populations.  Additionally, she teaches privately those wishing individual instruction.

As a Spiritual Director, Leslie sees clientele privately and also works with groups. Leslie is especially interested in working with those in the ”helping professions”: clergy, social workers, health care practitioners and counselors.  She received her certification through the Linwood Spiritual Center in Rhinecliff, NY, and is a member of Spiritual Directors International.

As a Focusing Practitioner, Leslie is certified Focusing Educator a member of the Focusing Institute.  She sees clients privately and does small group work.

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