compassAnam Cara means “Soul  Friend.”

A Spiritual Director is a companion on your Spiritual journey,helping in discernment, direction and guidance.

Through conversation and silence, modern and ancient writings, prayer, music, and meditation, a Spiritual Director can enable you to listen to what the Divine has to say to you;  identify how you are responding, and what the consequences of this relationship are for your life.

My experience as a pastor of a small faith family has equipped me with many of the gifts needed to be a “soul friend”.

An ability to be still and listen to the said and unsaid creates space for you to question and wonder in the heart of the universe. The time spent in spiritual direction is like sitting beside still water, watching the constant changes, yet noticing all that remains constant. The stillness opens doors to a deeper relationship with yourself, others and most importantly; the God of your understanding.

My fees for this service are $75 per hour. I encourage those seeking spiritual direction to attend at least three sessions to assess our compatibility on this particular part of your journey.

“To ‘listen’ another’s soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human  being ever performs for another.”   -Douglas Steer, On Listening To One Another