Focusing is a technique developed in the 1960’s by psychologist Eugene Gendlin in his research into what made psychotherapy successful. His seminal book, Focusing was published in 1978 and its six basic steps are still widely used. Much more has been written since, and today Focusing is used around the world by millions of people.

Focusing is, at its heart, a deep attention and inward listening. It can be done with one, two, or many people. With a Focusing practitioner, you can experience profound insight and awareness, which can lead to change, increased creativity, and decision-making. I have been using Focusing since 1996 and became certified as a Focusing Practitioner in 2012. I have used this in a hospital setting, therapeutic setting, in groups and as part of a creative process. Focusing allows access to the body’s intelligence and has profound implications for one’s ability to change. I find that the practice of Focusing is a wonderful tool to bring you back to center.

Focusing work can be done weekly,monthly, or as needed to access information about experiences for which you do not yet have words. The body will speak through images, sensations or emotions, which is the vocabulary of Focusing. Each person experiences the process differently and is in charge of the actual Focusing session. As a Focusing Practitioner, my participation in the session is as a companion, trained to listen and reflect back that person’s experience in way that helps that person discern how the body is speaking.

Typically, sessions are one hour long and the cost is $75. I do offer a three session package for $200, which is payable at the time of the first session.

As a Focusing practitioner and teacher, I can help you build skills of attention, presence, and coming into contact with a body-based intelligence that is trustworthy, safe and accessible.

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  1. Good Morning Leslie,
    Your website is both inspirational and user friendly. I appreciate knowing more about your range of services. Good luck, Nancy


  2. Finally spent more time with the full website- so beautuful and inspiring! Will relish referring others to your wide range of services.


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