Leading from the Center

Mindfulness in a Business Setting

In the March 2014 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Ellen Langer, a leading researcher on mindfulness, detailed the benefits of mindfulness to the workplace, The benefits included:

  • increased productivity
  • decreased stress
  • increased creativity
  • increased attention span
  • clearer decision making abilities,
  • greater connection with others

With a 15 year background in non-profit leadership I have chosen to practice a mindfulness business model in my work. By implementing this model I have seen:

  • out of the box thinking
  • increased collaboration
  • collegiality
  • clearer communication
  • increased productivity
  • increased employee retention
  • increased sales and engagement
  • increased income

Mindfulness is generally defined  as: an attention and openness to exactly what you are doing in the moment. Mindfulness is good business: increased income,  more job satisfaction, a happier staff, increased “instincts” in sales, more retention of clients, new ways to attract clients and a departure from old thinking. While current best practices have worked, mindfulness allows you a fresh look at those practices and encourages you and your business to discover if they really are the best or merely good enough. Mindfulness gives you an ability to adapt, to change and grow the mindset of the company.

Traditionally, corporate change has been presented to the partners in the C-Suite. In theory, these top executives will embrace change, and then implement these new techniques and strategies so that the entire company will in theory also implement these changes and succeed.

What I’ve observed in 15 years is that many of  these programs appear every other year or so under slightly different names and slightly different techniques but they all work from the same theory: change happening as a trickle-down process from the top leadership. This methodology does not always engender lasting change.

In order to have change that permeates the company from top to bottom is the realization that the corporation must engender change on a personal level.  Corporate change is people changing, not just policies and procedures.  Einstein famously said “You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”  Personnel are not only members of a company or an institution but are individuals,  and to engender change, the individual has to change, as that individual and also as part of the company or community or any other entity.

Due to technology, our office and home lives are often enmeshed.  We bring our work home with us, if not physically, then in our minds, and often our personal lives intrude upon our work life.  Much of this may be unconscious, but the results are plain. Stress intrudes into communication, collegiality, and performance.  To be trained in mindfulness is the opportunity to have increased clarity and focus in personal as well as professional life.  Additionally, creativity often happens outside company hours. Einstein had his  “aha” moment of the theory of relativity while taking a walk.  The benefits of mindfulness will continue to profit both personnel and company well outside the parameters of the working day.

I offer three levels of training tailored to engage all members of a company or group:

  • C-Suite, Partners, Executive Leadership
  • Managers
  • Support Staff

The training takes place over a prescribed period and includes one day of engagement with each tier in the company, followed by a full  presentation and a one day check in a week later to monitor and debrief on progress, challenges and successes.

I  offer a complimentary one-hour consultation after which I will provide a Leading from the Center program specific to your company as well as correspondent pricing. For consultation only, after the one hour complimentary consultation, fees available upon request.

Please contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.